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Giant Productions

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Giant Productions is a professional children’s arts development organisation based in Glasgow with the aim of providing arts for all children regardless of their ability or background.

The company was established in 1989 at the invitation of Glasgow District Council to programme children’s events and activities across Glasgow throughout Glasgow City of Culture year 1990.

We currently provide artistic events for all children aged 3 -11 in mainstream education, special education and for families during holidays and long weekends. We strive to provide these activities to all children irrespective of background or ability on a genuinely inclusive basis.

We have a fifteen year track record of providing exciting, creative opportunities for children aged between three and eleven years of age through:

TOURING PROFESSIONAL THEATRE: each year Giant Productions tours a new piece of sensory based theatre throughout the UK. The company creates an intimate multi-sensory environment to weave a magical tale for children using puppetry, movement, story telling and music. This spring/summer we will be creating a new show called Tickets Please! which will tour across Scotland from Alness to Kelso and visit the Spark Children’s Festival in Leicester. Previous productions include: The Ceilidh Tree (2004), Fun with the Sun (2003) Up the Stairs and In the Attic (2002 and 2004); Dreamscape (2001); Tonic Water and Wish Fish (2000).

VISUAL ARTS PROGRAMME: a series of visual arts workshops are held across Glasgow incorporating smell, colour, texture and sound to bring together children to create their own art work - bringing to life their imaginations. Work takes place in classrooms, galleries, art centres with schools and families. Workshops and projects often combine storytelling, music and movement as well. Exhibitions of the children’s work are curated and may tour. Most recently we have been working with the Dundee Contemporary Arts, the Peacock Gallery in Aberdeen and Glasgow Print Studios on ‘Changing Faces’ exploring our faces through drawing and print-making workshops.

PROJECT WORK: working in partnership and using different art forms to bring children together on exciting arts projects. In the summer Lights on the Bus toured children and their families across Glasgow on a magical mystery tour of the city. The bus followed a different route every day visiting new attractions where there was an adventure trail followed by a light and projection workshop for all the family.

PROGRAMMING CHILDREN'S EVENTS: Giant Productions works with different organisations to create unique events for children incorporating drama, visual arts, music, theatre, story telling and puppetry. Giant has been programming the North Ayrshire Children’s Festival at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine for the past three years; has developed family days with the CCA and worked with An Lòchran to develop Fèis Ghlaschu, a Gaelic Festival for kids.

TRAINING AND ADVOCACY: the Company has a commitment to advocating and skills sharing and has organised a number of events for artists, funders, carers, teachers and parents to learn more about developing inclusive arts for all children. Areas covered include using drama in an SEN context, making venues family friendly and of course an introduction to inclusive arts.

FOR MORE INFORMATION visit our website – or write to: Giant Productions, Centre for Inclusive Arts, 100 Beith St, Glasgow, G11 6DQ T: 0141 334 2000 F: 0141 357 4100

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