Free IT Security Audits for Businesses

As business people, naturally we can be very wary of newcomers and competition in our particular industries. Ironically though, this wariness doesn’t necessarily extend to our IT systems.There is a high likelihood that a relaxed attitude towards the hazards of cyberspace can lead to the demise of our computer systems and the valuable data we collect. The idea of “what are the chances it will happen to us?” is no longer a practical approach.Due to the expanding number of incidents aimed at businesses, Online Computer Developments is prepared to conduct a complete security audit of your IT network free of charge. The purpose of this audit is to locate weaknesses in your network’s defences. By targeting critical points internally and externally, we work with you to provide a comprehensive defence structure against malicious outsiders as well as inexperienced internal users who can unwittingly compromise your systems.Although the IT infrastructure of some businesses is at an optimal level, hackers and data thieves worldwide continue to break into random systems in order to improve their skills and substantiate a challenge. Many of these incidents go unreported, and it is considered that each company that connects to the internet in some way must rely on its own methods to prevent attack. Apologies for the cliché, but unfortunately, no one is safe these days.Most businesses don’t realise how susceptible their data is to compromise. Many software packages often lead the user into a false sense of security. You may be vulnerable to attack, please do not hesitate to give us a call to arrange your free security audit.

Offer listed by Online Computer Developments on 25th November 2005
Offer listed by Online Computer Developments

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Free IT Security Audits for Businesses
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